Frequently Asked Questions

I am a private pilot and need life insurance. How do I answer the private pilot question?

Private pilots often find that their life insurance policy excludes coverage for death caused while piloting a private aircraft. To get life insurance to cover you while you are piloting a private aircraft you must meet special criteria such as flying a manufactured aircraft, meeting certain flying hours and licensing milestones and other company-specific insurance underwriting guidelines. The overwhelming majority of term life companies will not give their lowest rates to private pilots, however many will give their next-highest life insurance rate. 
What term life insurance will do for you: 
· Pays death benefit to your beneficiary that: 1) covers your final expenses, and 2) provides a lump sum that they can invest to meet your dependents needs. 
· Covers you for the full amount of life insurance you choose for a specified period of time. 
· Is convertible and renewable depending on the policy. 
· Gradually increases annual premiums as you get older. 
· Is a good choice to meet temporary insurance needs. 
What term life insurance doesn't do: 
· It doesn't provide a cash value account. 
· It doesn't provide you permanent life insurance protection. 
· It doesn't fund expected federal and/or state estate tax obligations. 
· It doesn't fund an irrevocable life insurance trust. 
· It doesn't fund trusts for the purpose of providing an estate. 


Over the years our customers have asked us particular insurance questions. We have put these altogether to help you make intelligent buying decisions.