Frequently Asked Questions

I have heard that Life Insurance Premiums are falling all the time. I would like to buy my insurance from a different Life Insurance company. Is there any reason why I shouldn't change my insurance policy? 

First of all, do not cancel your old insurance policy before you have the new one signed, sealed and delivered.
If you want to change your current insurance policy because you have found a cheaper one, make sure that you compare some very important features of each one so that you are not swayed just by the price and later find you have bought into the wrong plan. These include: 
· The length of the guarantee periods 
· Convertibility from Term Life Insurance to Permanent Life Insurance 
· What is the A.M. Best rating of each company. This will give a good indication of the insurance company's financial strength and dependability. 
· Riders, if there are any. 
· The amount of deductible. 


Over the years our customers have asked us particular insurance questions. We have put these altogether to help you make intelligent buying decisions.