Frequently Asked Questions

If I am sure I can cover final expenses for my child, why would I want to buy Insurance for my children (or grandchildren?) 

There are a number of very good reasons to buy insurance for your children:
1. If you start buying Whole Life Insurance (also called Universal or Permanent Insurance) for your child now, you are giving your child the best start in insurance terms that you possibly can. By starting early, you are almost guaranteeing that your child will be able to buy coverage throughout their life, without providing evidence of insurability. In other words if your child develops an illness later in life, they will not have to be have to complete a medical exam or health questionnaire. This could be the only way they can get standard rate insurance coverage - and they will really thank you for it.
2. Child health insurance is very inexpensive, because most children are healthy. So although you will be paying premiums over a long period of time, the total insurance payment will be lower than if you started out in their teens or college years.
There are very good reasons for buying insurance for you and for your child. We can give you more detailed information to suit your situation and reasons for insuring. Call us on (800) 489-1731 or email us. 


Over the years our customers have asked us particular insurance questions. We have put these altogether to help you make intelligent buying decisions.