Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to qualify for life insurance if I have poor health?

Yes. One of the great benefits of insurance "shopping" with is that we really care about finding the best insurance coverage for you whether you are super fit or someone with impaired health. If you have been refused life insurance before or charged a higher insurance premium because of poor health, don't assume that it's impossible to get a better deal. It may take some extra time to find an insurance company for you, but we are able to "shop it out" to many high-risk carriers. Unlike many agents and other quote services, we have experience in quoting for clientswith various health problems. We have a database of insurance companies that we are able to pull from so we will search until we find the best offer. If you know or think that your health condition puts you at higher risk please indicate it on your free quote form and we will contact you for more details.

Over the years our customers have asked us particular insurance questions. We have put these altogether to help you make intelligent buying decisions.