The Term Life Insurance Process

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Simply call (800) 489-1731 to request an application. Once you submit this form we will contact you to obtain additional information needed to complete your application (this will take about 5 minutes). Your life insurance application will be mailed to you for you to complete.
Free Medical Exam set at your convenience. You will be contacted to set up a convenient time for the life insurance company medical exam. The medical exam can be scheduled at your home or work and is paid for by the insurance company. The exam typically consists of medical history questions, blood/urine specimen, blood pressure/pulse readings, and height/weight reading. Sometimes additional requirements may be necessary such as an EKG. It is recommended that you schedule your exam early in the morning because test results are often better at this time.
Insurance company processing of your insurance application: After you have mailed your application to us. We process it and forward it to the insurance company. They will then begin the "underwriting" stage (evaluation) of your insurance application. The underwriter will examine all of the answers to your questions along with the medical report.
If a policy is approved it will arrive to you by mail. You then send a check to SecureLife but made payable to the insurance company. We mail your check to the insurance company you selected. If you already have insurance, we recommend you maintain your original insurance coverage until your new application is accepted.
Policy is placed in force when requirements are met & payment is received. Your insurance coverage only begins after the policy has been approved and the insurance company has received the first payment of the insurance premium. If you are changing existing insurance, do not cancel it until your new policy has been approved and the insurers have received your first premium's payment.